Patient Experience

Partnering to Create an Optimal Patient Experience

So what exactly is Patient Experience? The definition we adhere to at CHAMPS Patient Experience is The Beryl Institute's which defines patient experience as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.

While there are several approaches to improving the patient experience – offering amenities, enhancing building structures, improving processes, etc. – the CHAMPS approach is to create a more patient-centered culture by leveraging employees. Your employees have the power to make or break the patient experience – from the parking attendant, to the physician, to the accountant.

Why Bother With Patient Experience?

The simple answer abides by the golden rule – consider your own experiences as a patient. How would you or your loved ones want to be treated?

But doing whatever you can to create an optimal patient experience within your healthcare organization is more than the right thing to do. If you’re not yet a believer, consider these added benefits that come with increasing your investment in the patient experience:

  • Boosted Financial Impact
    Those who provide an optimal patient experience are rewarded with higher reimbursements through value-based purchasing and increased patient loyalty. 
  • Improved Hospital Reputation
    In today’s world, not only do we have to worry about word of mouth, but also “word of mouse.” Patient satisfaction scores are shared publicly via the web and with just one click of a mouse, your customers can share their experience with the entire world – good or bad. 
  • Increased Compliance
    A positive patient experience enhances trust in the provider helping to facilitate better health and clinical outcomes.

Each patient experience consultant on our team knows that every detail of every interaction shapes the unique quality of a patient’s experience.

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PX Perspective

Join CHAMPS experts by sharing your PX Perspective as part of our open forum on patient experience.

Client Testimonial

QuoteCHAMPS worked closely with me to tailor a presentation for our specific needs. They were very accommodating and professional, and were extremely well received by the participants at my conference.

-- Christina A. Wildrick, J.D.
Dir. of Risk Management
PCCP Risk Management Program

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