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Patient Satisfaction Studies Confirm What We All Know To Be True

Posted by Toya Gorley
Sat, Feb 1, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

Patient Satisfaction Studies Confirm What We All Know To Be True

A colleague recently shared a blog post titled, Employee Engagement Drives Quality Patient Care, that was published by HealthCare Source, a leading provider of talent management software for the healthcare industry. In this article, the blogger references a few patient satisfaction studies that demonstrate the relationship between patient satisfaction and employee engagement. 

Reading the blog and considering the findings of its referenced patient satisfaction studies put the question of strategy versus tactics at the top of my mind. Often our strategies to improve the patient experience center on tactics to increase patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores, yet focusing on strategies to enhance employee engagement is likely to yield a greater return. I encourage you to read the blog and consider the following questions:

  1. To what extent does my organization’s approach to improving the patient experience include strategies around employee engagement?
  2. To what extent is there alignment among my organization’s patient experience, human resources and organizational development departments?
  3. To what extent does my organization view process improvement initiatives as a way to improve the patient experience and employee engagement? 

There are many patient satisfaction studies that show the strong correlation between employee engagement and patient experience. I believe this is a concept that is easy for us to embrace; however, how many of us have truly aligned our employee engagement and patient experience strategies? 

Please use the space below to share your thoughts and responses to the questions listed above.

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