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Reviewing Your Data for Consistency with Cancer Coding Guidelines

CHAMPS’ data quality initiatives ensure cancer registry data is timely, accurate, complete and compliant with the most recent cancer coding guidelines, ultimately resulting in valuable information for cancer program administrators, clinicians and researchers. To do this, CHAMPS conducts individual abstractor and database assessments to ensure its clients' data is equipped for administrative planning, clinical outcomes and performance measures, as well as NCDB benchmark reporting, and standards focused on data submissions and accuracy.

Increase Your Consistency with Cancer Coding Guidelines

As your partner in data quality initiatives, CHAMPS' highly skilled data quality experts ensure your cancer registry data goes above and beyond national and state reporting requirements by analyzing your cancer registry data prior to submission through a series of quality assessments, including:

Individual Abstractor Assessment

To ensure data accuracy, completeness and consistency with cancer coding guidelines, CHAMPS performs individual abstractor assessments. Each assessment will include a review of key data fields for analysis and reporting, as well as an overview of abstracting/coding competency.

Database Assessment

To ensure data is collected in accordance with industry standards for cancer coding guidelines, CHAMPS performs database assessments. Each assessment will include customized reliability studies designed to reveal inconsistencies with data; audits aimed to improve CP3R, Completeness and NCDB reports; and registry database quality evaluation. 

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